PUBG Mobile’s tenth season is coming to an end. According to PUBG officials’, the next seasonal patch would arrive on Jan 9, 2020, with its Royale Pass release being a day afterward, on Jan 10. Besides the usual new cosmetics and balance/seasonal changes, there is also a brand new EvoGround mode. The developers have been testing Domination in the beta servers, however, it is not yet confirmed if the mode would be available in this update or not.

The official Tweet from PUBG Mobile's twitter handle

The update is likely to be released at 5:30 PM IST. Below are some of the confirmed rewards that would be featured in the upcoming season 11 Pass for PUBG Mobile. Both Normal and Elite Royale Pass can unlock this.

1 – Beryl M762 Skin

Neon colors would be the theme of this update

This pink Beryl Skin is a reward for every player who purchases the Season 11 Pass. It would be added automatically into players’ accounts. It is a rather peculiar design, with a pink coat, blue lines on the stock and black stripes across the magazine.

2 – Tier Rank Rewards


Various rewards such as outfits, avatars, and cosmetics can be unlocked after players reach the corresponding tiers, just like the previous seasons. In this season, quite a few ranks up rewards have been added, however, the highlighted item for this season is the MK14 DMR skin. It can be unlocked at the Platinum tier, along with a profile frame, masks, and a parachute.

3 – Free RP Rewards

The parachute of season 11

Not every player can spend money on the Royale Pass every season, and Tencent has found out a solution for that. In the Free RP section, quite a few outfits and cosmetic pieces were added, which can be gradually unlocked at different levels. You have to complete the quests to unlock those items.

Season 11 would also reset player ranks. Interested in more of our PUBG Mobile related news? Please check out this post for information about the new Domination mode.