PUBG Mobile’s next season is almost here. With season 10 ending this week, the next season is probably going to be released on Jan 7. Below is the poster for the next Royale Pass, which is also the general theme of the next season.

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Royale Pass Season 11's teaser

On the Facebook poster, we can clearly see a robotic hand hanging out from the window of a car. Along with the bridge and some neon effects, it is likely that the next season would have a cyberpunk theme.

About the new game mode that is going to be added to PUBG Mobile, it is actually something very similar to what could be found in Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG’s chief rival. As both games are getting developed by Tencent, there would probably be no problem. They have been taking bits and pieces from Call of Duty Mobile for a while now, from the Team Deathmatch mode to the Loadout section, and even the chopper. Domination is the next mode that would be ported straight from Call of Duty Mobile.

Pubg Mobile Domination Mode 1577965233
The new and improved EvoGround

The mode would be a part of the EvoGround section, on a map called Town. The gameplay would be similar to the Call of Duty Mobile version, with two squads fighting against each other while claiming various tactical bases on the map. There would be three locations, A, B and C for the teams to play around. The team who’s able to get 2 bases would win the match.

Pubg Mobile Domination Mode
The Town Map along with its objectives

Another change worth mentioning in the 0.16.5 update is that there would be two separate TDM modes in the EvoGround called Team Deathmatch and Arena Training. The classic TDM mode is now renamed into Arena Training, in which players spawn, pick their favorite weapons and proceed to kill the other team. The main Team Deathmatch mode would be upgraded with some new features from Call of Duty Mobile like Loadout, along with a new map called Assault.

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