A new year and a new season of PUBG Mobile esports have started. The registration for the PMCO Spring Split has opened but the qualification won't start until January 23th. Until then let's check out the Villager Esports - PUBG Mobile Pro Invitational and watch all the tier 1 PUBG Mobile teams in action, including Entity Gaming, Team SouL, and Fnatic.

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The list of 24 teams in the tournament

The Villager Esports - PUBG Mobile Pro Invitational is a tournament held by Villager Esports and RheoTV. The tournament features a large total prize pool of Rs 1 lakh. Teams will be fighting against each other for 3 days on all 4 maps of PUBG in both TPP and FPP.

Today is the first day of the tournament and also the qualifiers for the finale. 24 teams will play 5 matches, two on Erangel and one on every other map. 18 teams with the most points will be advancing to the finale.

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The tournament's roadmap

In the finale, all the finalists will be playing each map once in TPP on the first day and in FPP on the second day (January 7-8).

The qualifiers of the event are going to start soon. You can watch it on the YouTube link that we embed right below.

This early tournament will be a good opportunity for our Indian PUBG Mobile teams and the fans to see how all teams have improved themselves, especially after a lot of rosters changes and transfers recently. This is also a good warm-up for all teams before they enter the upcoming big leagues, particularly the PMCO Spring Split 2020 and the PUBG Mobile World League.

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