Season 14 of PUBG Mobile has been going strong since its release on 14th July.  With the season coming to an end this September, it's time we prepare for the upcoming one. Though PUBG Mobile is still banned in India, it's not a bad idea to keep track of what's going on. We firmly believe that the title will come back to the Indian market. And once it does, we'll be fully prepared for it. Here's all you need to know about the expected release date of PUBG Mobile Season 15.

As the Season 14 concludes, the RP section of the game has been temporarily locked. Players can not access it until the start of Season 15. Ranks of all the players have been demoted. Everyone is starting the new Season in a lower-tier. We're just hours away from the PUBG Mobile developers' release of the Season 15 patch update to unlock the RP section. Usually, the update weighs about 10-15 MB and takes no time to download.

pubg mobile ss15
Season 15 will bring tons of new items

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Start Date and Time

The upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 15 will be available for download at 2 AM GMT, 15th September. However, the devs only confirm the release date of Season 15, not the exact time.  As mentioned earlier, players will have to download a small patch, which will update the game into the latest version. The server may not require further maintenance and will remain online to ensure the continuous availability of services. Please note that different regions will receive the patch note at different times.

Pubg Mobile Season 15 When Will Season 15 Pubg Mob
The release time may vary between regions

As in previous seasons, PUBG Mobile Season 15 update will not be available for download on Play Store. Instead, players must open the PUBG Mobile application and download the new content via a popup.  PUBG Mobile Season 15 should conclude on 13th November 2020, and the RP section will be closed at the same time.

Season 15 Royale Pass
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