The fascinating mobile sport game Boxing Star has just received a major update, which adds a lot to its already engaging gameplay.

For those who are unfamiliar with the title, Boxing Star is a boxing game on mobile developed by game studio Four Thirty Three Inc. (4:33). The game features a compelling story mode in which the player begins as a street fighter who has to train hard and compete in numerous tournaments to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming boxing’s World Champion. It also brings a very immersive gameplay experience. Controls are well-optimized for the mobile platform. You can smoothly duck and dodge your opponent’s blows and strike back with powerful attacks through simple swipes, taps, and touches of the screen.

Boxing Star Gameplay Trailer

Additionally, Boxing Star adds a touch of RPG into the mix as well. You can create and customize your own character with a wide variety of things such as outfits, hairstyles, accessories, tattoos, and even skin colors. Throughout the game, you will be able to level up this character, upgrade powerful skills, and collect special gears to increase your chance of winning. Furthermore, there is also a League Mode, which lets you compete against other players.

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Now, those who have not tried this amazing boxing game have even more reasons to do so. It has just received tons of new content with a recent update.

First of all, one of the most noteworthy addition is an extra multiplayer grade, League 9. To reach this new grade, players have to acquire over 3.800 Starpoints.

The Story Mode is also extended up to the 14th area. In addition, there are also several new gear and skills. Below is a summary of the main new features:

  • A new League 9
  • Expanded Story Mode
  • 18 new gear, including gloves, mouthguard, and more
  • 3 new Omega Fusion Gloves
  • 12 new skills
  • Maximum character level increased to 500
  • Several more changes

These improvements will certainly contribute to keeping Boxing Star fresh and interesting. The game is available worldwide on Google Play Store and App Store, so you can grab it right now if you want to give it a go.