Genshin Impact Update 4.6 is around the corner with many quality of life (QOL) updates. Two upcoming updates will help Travelers farm Primogems faster and more efficiently. Let’s check out these new features below.

#1. Quest System Updates

One of the most annoying issues in the quest system of Genshin Impact is the progress interruption when a character is busy in another quest. Many quests even have overlapped stories, making Travelers busy with doing multiple quests at once. miHoYo will partially solve this annoying problem with a QoL update called the Focus Mode in the quest system since Update 4.6.

The Focus Mode will bring players an improved experience with the following enhancements:

  • Sometimes, Travelers have to complete the quest that the involved characters are busy with to release them.
  • The progress of busy characters in hangout events will stop so that they can join your story quests or archon quests. But you have to reclaim the hangout quest to keep progressing the hangout quest.
  • When you turn on the Focus Mode for the quest you want to concentrate on, the progress of other quests will be paused until you complete that focused quest.
Genshin Impact Focus Mode
Genshin Impact Focus Mode

#2. Treasure Compass Enhancement

Another QoL change in Genshin Impact 4.6 is the improvement in Treasure Compasses. The updated compass will show you the exact location of the treasure chest by marking it on the minimap with a chest icon. However, Travelers still need to investigate the marked location carefully because the treasure chest can be hidden or buried in the multi-layered map of Teyvat.

Treasure Compass Genshin Impact
Treasure Compass will be updated in Genshin Impact 4.6.

These QoL changes are expected to help players find treasures and complete quests more easily to earn Primogems faster.

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