Developer Naquatic has had a huge collection of mobile games that span across all genres to its name, but it has seen the most success with titles that allow you to construct your own stuff. Take GunCrafter as an example: This game lets you manufacture any weapon you could think of with its Minecraft-like building system, and then you can also test fire that weapon to see how effective it is. Meanwhile, in MonsterCrafter, you’ll be creating your own monsters and then send them out to battle other monsters – kind of similar to Pokémon.

Now, Naquatic is having another title in the works: CrashCrafter. By looking at its name and at the games mentioned above, you probably have a pretty good idea of what this game is about already: Build a car of your own and then use it to ram into other players’ creations online to see whose will last longer. Check out the trailer below for a visual demonstration:

The building system of CrashCrafter features over 100 unique parts, which means you have tons of material to work with here. Basically, the only limit to this game is your own imagination. When you’ve assembled the car of your dream, the game will turn it into a functional, fully physics-based vehicle, and the cool part is, the design you use will actually have an impact on how it will perform in practice.

Crashcrafter Building
Build your own car out of over 100 parts and use it to compete against others online

For example, if you put a lot of weight on the front, your car can drift better. A closer gap between the wheels will result in greater turning radius, while a hard outer shell will help protect the engine from damage.  Moreover, since the vehicles are made from multiple pieces, these pieces can fall off during battle, which often lead to devastating (and hilarious) results.

Crashcrafter Battle
The design of your car will affect how it performs

There is no word on the release date of CrashCrafter at the moment, but Naquatic says that it is currently looking for some beta testers to help ironing out any issue with the game. The studio also promise that it is “coming very soon" to both Android and iOS, so we’ll probably hear more about it in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates.