Radiant One is an adventure/thriller/puzzle game being developed by Fntastic which was released last year. In this game, the player will control a character and tries to survive in/escape from a certain scenario. The story depends on which episode of the game you are playing, with new episodes being added monthly. Now, its newest playable episode’s named The Secret has just become available, and you can also check out the trailer for it below:

In the new episode, you would play as Rachel, a woman waking up in an old mansion then be surrounded by dark clouds of anxiety. That is not a metaphor. There is literally a dark cloud that keeps following her and grows whenever her fear grows. And that's bad, because being locked up alone in an old mansion is pretty fear-instilling. The players’ job is assisting Rachel to escape the old mansion by finding and resolving puzzles to uncover a great secret that will forever change her life.

Assist Rachel on her quest to escape the old mansion by finding and resolving puzzles

As mentioned, new episodes will be released monthly on the app. Originally, you have to join a subscription at the cost of $2.99 (Rs 210) each month to access these, but now a couple more options for payment have been included. Furthermore, the developers have decided to remove the cost of Awakening, the original episode of the game, and those who had already paid for it beforehand will acquire The Secret as a bonus. The episodes cost $5.99 (Rs 425) each but there is a limited special offer that gives you the two episodes for merely $4.99 (Rs 355). Of course, you can still go for the subscription route if you want.

More adventures lie ahead in The Secret

Whatever way you choose, the episodes are totally worth your cash. The Secret promises more thrilling adventures to experience!