A digital board game is coming to mobile

A board game is something that we don't often see on Android and iOS these days. Only a few made their debut to the mobile platform in the past and yet another is coming to Google Play Store and App Store in these first months of the year.

Raiders Of The North Sea The Digital Board Game On
Raiders Of The North Sea

Garphill Games, Dire Wolf Digital and Renegade Game Studios have announced that Raiders of the North Sea, their digital mobile board game will reach the market in Q1 2019 worldwide.  This digital version is some kind of perfect installment of the physical board game with many add-in amazing features like play and pass, multiplayer online.

Be the best Viking warrior

The setting of the game will be the middle of the Viking Age when Vikings from the North sea continuously raid the coastal cities in France and England. In the game, you will step in the shoes of Viking warriors who want to show off to their Chieftain by ransacking many settlements. You will be in charge of collecting provisions, gathering a crew then campaign to the north to plunder for livestock, iron, and gold.

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The physical version of the game

The mechanic to achieve victory is to obtain Victory Points, the player with the most VP at the end of the game is the winner. To obtain VP you must raid settlements, gather the plunders and offer them to your chieftain. The game ends when there is only one remaining fortress and all the offerings are delivered to the chieftain.

The board game

Raiders Of The North Sea The Digital Board Game On
The crew members

If the game sticks to its board game rule then most Raiders games will be wrapped up in around 60-90 minutes of gameplay. And generally speaking, Raiders of the North Sea is a fun game, with a special take on worker placement and its art style is also fit perfectly with the Viking theme. You could say that Raiders of the North Sea is among the best mid-range game released recently.

Raiders of the North Sea the digital version will launch on Android and iOS in the first few month 0f the year.