Online game PUBG Mobile is currently one of the games that attracted the attention of the youth around the world. Students and young adults in India are not an exception. The number of people participating and spending a lot of time on this online game was increasing, so many regional governments issued a ban on playing PUBG.

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Rajkot was one of the first areas to issue a ban on online games PUBG.

The Gujarat High Court has requested feedback from the state government about extending the PUBG and Momo challenge ban. Just a few hours after that, Rajkot City police removed the ban.

Manoj Agrawal, a police commissioner in Rajkot, said that after reviewing and studying how the problem affects society and the needs of young adults, the ban previously issued by the office was canceled. This announcement will be effective from 8:00 pm on May 8, 2019. While PUBG is currently the leading entertainment place for many gamers, his office has issued a ban on people to participate.

In a notice reported on Wednesday stating that to make sure the level of aggression, development, behavior and language of teenagers and children is not affected by the Momo challenge and PUBG game. A prohibition notice has been issued under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

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PUBG Mobile Season 6 with zombie mode

On March 6 of this year, the police officer stated the same reason for banning PUBG and participating in the Momo challenge because it had a negative effect on the attitudes, language, and behavior of young people.

Agrawal stated that his office issued a ban based on the direction of the state government.

Rajkot is one of the few states in India to enforce a ban on playing PUBG. Some college students and individuals have been arrested for playing this online game on their smartphones.

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The ban was issued on the grounds that the game would increase violence in children

Rajkot City police believe that children will increase their violence and neglect their education. On April 28, Rajkot City police renewed the ban until July 30, 2019.

However, there was a shift regarding this matter after the High Court spoke up. After hearing that the benefits of public action are being intervened by the ban, the Supreme Court has asked for feedback from the state government.

After Pruthvirajsinh Zala, a freshman of Ahmedabad’s Nirma University, filed a complaint of public interest litigation. Anant Dave, the Acting Chief Justice of High Court of Guajarat challenged  Rajkot City police about the extension of the PUBG game ban and Momo challenge to July 30.

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The game has been banned once last month

Justice Dave interrogated about the logic of police action. Since summer is coming and many domestic educational institutions have given students summer holidays, the police don't have the right to forbid people from playing the game.

Zala filed PIL on April 8 on the grounds that the ban violated basic rights of privacy and personal freedom.

Besides, Zala also stated in the petition that people playing PUBG in their house and balcony of their choice. Their privacy needs to be respected. They have full right to be alone and the right to make their own choices. Taking them into custody is a serious violation of the constitution.

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The prohibition of people playing PUBG violates human rights and privacy.

The petitioner also raised questions about the publishing of the ban. The notification under Section 37 (3) of the Gujarat Police Act and Section 144 of the CrPC empowered the executive judge to ban a total of more than 4 people in an area.

Moreover,  the extension of the ban is irrational when end-of-term exams and many other competitions in the school have been completed.