The PUBG Europe League - Kick-off Cup didn't go well for Digital Athletics with the eighth-place position, but one of its players has scored the biggest goal of his life. ABeasutifulDeath has successfully proposed his girlfriend ritalel who is also a player in the tournament. They had been playing against each other earlier in the day.

ritalel - a PUBG streamer and semi-pro players

She said yes

Live broadcasted in front of thousands of witnesses, with all the screen displaying hearts, the man on his knee proposing to his lover on stage with a "yes" answer in return from ritalel. The moment was clipped from twitch and went viral quickly. The crowd went wild when the girl said "yes" and the present brought out some balloons for the guys so he can give it to his new fiance. It was such an unexpected turn of this event and definitely one unforgettable moment for those who watched this precious moment.

The proposal on stage in front of thousands of people.

Reaction from the community

Apart from all the cheering in the stadium, people on Twitter have shared this unique proposal on their page with a congratulation. This is not the first time someone proposed on Twitch though, there was also a streamer called "Edisonparklive" proposed to his girlfriend on his stream back in April.

However, on Reddit, there were a couple of people disagreed with what ABeasutifulDeath has done. They thought that by doing the proposal in front of the crowd, he was basically putting the girl in a difficult position, forcing her to say "yes".

Pubg Proposal
Reddit's reaction

Anyhow, to do such a bold move, the man needed to gather all his courage to withstand the pressure and risk to get denied in front of everyone. This surely the most intense competition he has ever been a part of.

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