PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 28# Update brought to the game new skins and a new feature called Weapon Mastery. This feature gives players a progression system so they can show off their skill and experience through a special loot that hangs from weapons (keychain-like trinkets). This system is currently available for the PC platform and will be coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles in the near future.

PUBG Corp just released a video about this new system to introduce it to players who are still unclear about it. There is a new  Mastery tab in the game menu, it will track the player's progress with each weapon through matches. "You can see your weapon stats, view your earned medal and emblems. In weapons tab, you can find your total kills, knockdowns, damage inflicted, headshots and your highest score in a single game for every weapon".

There is also a Last Match tab where you can find the detailed stat about the weapons you used in the last match. According to PUBG Corp, hitting hard shots, surviving longer and getting more kills will earn you more XP than usual. Every Mastery Tier has 10 levels, increasing your levels and tier will unlock new rewards from the system.

Last Match tab will show the detail weapon stat of your last match.

Although the Weapon Mastery system still has a lot of space to explore as players find their way to try and level up with different weapons, PUBG Corp wants to hear from player feedback to further improve the system.

Weapon Mastery team even create an AMA (ask me anything) post on Reddit to get the feedback and clear up any confusion that player have about this new system. Clearly, PUBG Corp still wants to build a larger system with Weapon Mastery being the first step. They are hungry for ideas on how to improve PUBG and they know the fastest way is to listen to the community.