PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds was first released for Windows through Steam's early access beta in March 2017, with a full release of version 1.0 on December 20, 2017. The game has been officially launched for more than a year now with around 400 thousand players every month and 400 million players in total across all platform. Daniel Ahmad, a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, recently shared revenue earning report of $920 million in 2018 which is roughly Rs 6400 crore.

He also showed a reported profit of $310 million or around 2200 crore in the same period. Although the mobile version is all the rage now, the major part of the revenue was from PC. Despite being overwhelmed by Fornite and Apex Legend at the moment, PC revenue still adds up a number of $790 million which is approximately Rs 5100 crore, 314 percent more than last year sales.

The mobile and console version, however, is quite modest with $65 million (about Rs 450 crore) and $60 million (about Rs 420 crore) respectively.

Three most popular Battle Royale Titles.

PUBG mobile reached 200 million players last December, but its revenue was moderately low because Tencent developed and published it. Instead of buying the game, we can play it for free with in-game micro-transactions.

The report also reveals that 53% of the revenue was contributed by Asian player, excluding Korea. The second place belongs to the North America region with $141 million (Rs 977 Crore) and followed by Korea with $100 million (Rs 700 Crore). Europe area only hit $72 million (Rs 488 Crore), and the rest of the world is $114 million (Rs 800 Crore).

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New PUBG Lite for slow specs PC.

The game is may no longer the major focus anymore but thanks to Asian player, it’s still growing well and even launched another version call PUBG Lite in beta for computers with low specs recently to expand its player base. PUBG Lite is free to play and currently available for four Asian countries which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore and will be released in India soon.