While the Tiktok ban seemed to be the good news for everyone in India, PUBG Mobile players are worried that their game might be the next victim. Many cities have temporarily banned people from playing PUBG Mobile recently before facing the outburst of criticism on social media which forces the government to withdraw the ban early. PUBG Mobile fans are now already finding alternatives to the game to prepare for the worst.

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Tiktok is now banned in India officially

Some are considering to go back to those good old FPS game such as Left for Dead, Call of Duty or GTA V. Some suggested protesting if the ban is approved. Others will try to stick with the game using VPN services one their device while playing the game.

Those people are not overreacted at all since the government officials have made their move on preventing people from installing PUBG Mobile by contacting Google. They requested Google to remove the game from the Google Play Store in India. Apparently, the Rajkot police, who issued the ban on PUBG Mobile earlier, wrote to Google demanding them to block the game for IP addresses in the region.

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PUBG Mobile has been banned for a short period in India.

They still haven't given people any real reason for banning the game except for some subjective claims like "it spoils children," "makes kids violent," and "disrupts studies." For the moment, there haven't any rule on PUBG Mobile made by the court yet, so the police can't act on their own and without any defiance. Still, PUBG Mobile players are holding their breath and planning for the ban.

Fortunately, Google hasn't replied to Rajkot Police's demand, and it's not likely that they will have any response to the case without a good reason. The main concern that everyone had was not about a ban of an app, they afraid that more bans will follow and India will become second China once people get accustomed to these bans.