PUBG PC Lite is getting a lot of improvement and attention lately. This proves that the developers are working hard for an incredible gaming experience for all PUBG Lite gamers out there. While it’s getting close to its global release, the game still gets frequent updates from time to time. For the most recent one on Apr 25th, Tencent introduced a nice update where they listened to the community and brought them what they wanted.

New Parachute System

With a brand-new overhaul parachute system, gamers can see a much smoother and realistic parachute experience. They can now land exactly where they want, unlike previously. Also, the game now adds a new system of free-falling, which is ready for you to check out.

An overhaul parachute system now offers a much more realistic and smoother experience.

New Shooting Range

This is all about community feedback. Players wanted to have a meaningful gameplay, especially by practicing. Therefore, a new shooting range is now available in the starting island. Also, there are weapons to choose from, letting you hone your shooting skills here. Try and test out many weapons as you like and see how it goes. After all, it’s practicing, ones can never practice enough!

Welcome to the new shooting range in the starting island. Time to start your practice!

Bug fixes

In addition to two huge changes, the Apr 25th update also fixed a few more bugs and issues in the game. They fixed an issue where characters could die while getting off a vehicle at a low speed. Then, they tackled another issue, letting players see inside a vehicle from a distance. The devs also dealt with a bug where you can be stuck in a location in Erangel, at Ferry Pier.

Generally, it’s clear that the devs are very responsive towards community feedback. They have been making necessary changes and improvements to make PUBG PC Lite more playable. For now, all we should do is wait until the global release of PUBG PC Lite arrives.