Since its initial launch, PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) Lite for PC has become a massive success. Even though the game is in its beta stage, it has already attracted a significant number of concurrent players.  It was made by a completely separate team from the one behind the “full” PUBG for PC and consoles.

Pubg Lite
PUBG Lite has already been well-received even though it's still in Beta

This Lite version is basically still PUBG with a similar interface, but its graphics have been trimmed down to make it more suitable for weaker hardware. It's a move from PUBG’s developers to make their game more accessible to a larger player base who don’t have a strong PC. Moreover, it’s also available for free, so right now the only thing that is stopping players from playing it is the geographical limits: Currently, it's only accessible for players in some Asian countries. That is totally understandable though, as we all know Asia is a lucrative market for games of the Battle Royale genre such as PUBG.

PUBG Lite has reduced graphics to fit weaker PCs

Still, many fans from other regions, India included, are not happy about their favorite game not being available where they live. If you are one of them, here is a piece of good news to spark your hopes up: The game has just come to 3 more Asian countries, so yours might very well be next.

PUBG Lite Beta first launched in Thailand back in January and expanded to many other South East Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and more. Now, players from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau can experience it as well.

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The game has just come to 3 more countries, and it probably won't stop there

There is no information on when PUBG Lite will come to India yet, however. As of now, the only workaround is to play the game is using a VPN service. However, doing so will result in terrible ping, which ruins the overall gaming experience. The best way, therefore, is to wait until the game officially arrives. Given the rate with which PUBG Lite is expanding, Indian players can probably expect it before the end of the year.