Nowadays, 3D MMORPGs are becoming more and more common on the mobile platform. With the market being as saturated as it is, a game will need to have something very special to stand out from the rest of the pack. RebirthM might have managed just that.

For starter, the game is absolutely stunning to look at. This fantasy land is beautifully rendered and filled to the brim with fierce-looking heroes, mythical beasts to mount, and magnificent monsters. It is a treat to look at all the contents in this world: giants wielding huge swords, fire-breathing dragons, tarantulas large enough to carry a person on their backs, etc.

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In the single player story, you will embark on a journey across the world, fighting off evil monsters. There is also a Dungeon Challenge mode as well. If you are an action-RPG fan then you probably are no stranger to this mode. Basically you go from level to level fighting bosses of increasing difficulties. Of course, like all other RPGs, you will have the chance to find better equipment throughout your journey. There is a collection of mounts and pets to acquire as well.

Perhaps the best part is you will begin the game at level 100. This means there is no boring level grind to go through. You can jump straight into the action. There is no level limit either, so you can level up your character as much as you want and fully optimize him/her to suit your playstyle.

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While the single player game is solid, the true appeal of an MMO lies in its multiplayer aspect. In RebirthM, you can choose to engage in PvP combat with other players, or join force with them to overcome challenges beyond each individual player.

PvP battles take on multiple forms too. There is single combat mode where you face off against another player in a duel. There is also a large scale, chaotic battlefield that involves many players at once. Whichever mode you choose to partake in, it will require significant skill to come out on top.

RebirthM is expected to come out on App Store and Google Play Store later this month.