Would you sell your soul on the way of pursuing your dream job and becoming an affluent person? The answer would be yes for our main protagonist known as “Price” in Distrain. His reasoning being is that he needed to get a partnership with one of the leading companies of the world, however, evil occurrences are beginning to arise after the incident, and that is not all of it.

Distraint 2 is the following sequel to the 2D indie horror adventure game in 2015. The story follows the event of the first title when our main protagonist confiscated an elderly woman’s property, which as a result, lost his humanity and the effects of it were slowly growing. At the moment, he is currently pursuing a big deal and only time can reveal what is going to happen now.

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Similar to that of the first game, players will be in control of the main protagonist “Price” on a 2D plane, exploring scary locations and also making conversation with its even scarier dwellers. The game favors simple and minimalistic design, however, it is the game’s psychological story-telling that is worth the experience.

2019 05 13
If you love a mix between horror, psychological story-telling, and adventure all in one or you have played through Distraint and liked it, then Distraint 2 will definitely hit home. In case you haven't played the first game, though, it is highly recommended that you do to understand the setting of this sequel. Distraint 2 features the slow atmosphere of burning horror and tension, unlike how other horror titles that favor fast-paced jump scares. Furthermore, the story itself is delivered with ease thanks to the steady flow of story-telling.

Make sure to check out the game if you are either an Android or iOS user. The game will be 6.49 USD (Rs 460) on Google Play Store, and 5.99 USD (Rs 420) on the App Store.