Stinger Games has been a pretty good game studio since Stinger Table Hockey in 2010. Notably, this title is still really amazing even to this day and is updated with newer versions for later devices.

And then in summer 2018, Stinger Games continued to release another great game called Super Jump Soccer. While this game is a great and fun arcade game about soccer on its own, it was only a spin-off of a bigger project that they'd been working on for a while, and it is Ridiculous Rugby.

Ridiculous Rugby
Ridiculous Rugby is a great new arcade sport by Stinger Games for iOS.

The idea of the game is to bring the simplest thought of rugby to an extraordinary arcade style, like what many other titles by Stinger Games have been successful with other sports. The outcome is a breathless game that is simple for anybody to get and play regardless of whether they know about the sport or not.

Check out the game's trailer:

As should be obvious: one major difference that Ridiculous Rugby has compared to its spin-off is that the players are featured in 3D instead of 2D, and this really has a colossal effect on visuals as well as on gameplay. Basically, Ridiculous Rugby lets your rivals block your player to keep them away from getting to the end of the field or cause them to fail by using ragdoll physics. On the other hand, you can do the same as well. It's extremely fulfilling and realistic. You can really feel the "weight" of having someone literally cling to you.

There's additionally more profundity in Ridiculous Rugby that is lacking in other comparable arcade sports titles. You'll be gathering characters from your opponent teams who have been defeated and constructing your own squad to get better through the span of the single-player mode. On the off chance that you appreciate arcade sports, Ridiculous Rugby definitely deserves a try. If you pay $2.99 for the iOS version you can get it without any more in-app-purchases.

Ridiculous Rugby is now available on iOS.