Roguelike action games have always had a strong presence across all gaming platforms, and now the genre is about to welcome a new addition to its collection: Immortal Rogue. Check out its trailer below:

The first special thing about Immortal Rogue is its controls. Developer Foolish Mortal Studios wants to take a different approach in this aspect by employing a touch-based control system. It is incredibly straightforward: You move the character around with quick swipes, tap on the screen to perform light attacks, and drag to charge up a heavy attack, which you can then unleash by again swiping toward the desired direction. The entire system is designed so that you can play the game with one hand while holding your phone vertically, which is perfect if you like to play while doing something else.

Immortal Rogue Move

Another interesting thing to note is that Immortal Rogue will play out differently depending on your action. In this game, you will be a vampire that wakes up once every century to feed, and who you decide to hunt will have direct impacts on the future of the game’s world. This could lead to various timelines, each with its own unique enemies to defeat, from samurais with rocket fists to cyborgs wielding enchanted katanas. Of course, the timelines will also offer special items for you to discover as well.

Immortal Rogue Light Atk

The combat in Immortal Rogue looks to be pretty challenging, and with each defeat comes consequences. However, as a vampire, you will never truly die. You will simply be gone for a while, and the world will move on, with friends and foes alike awaiting your return.

Immortal Rogue Heavy Atk

Immortal Rogue features more than 70 types of enemies for you to challenge, over 30 Vampiric powers to unlock, as well as an additional 30+ unique weapons. Additionally, as mentioned, the world will follow different timelines depending on your action, so the replay potential is massive. You will also have the chance to meet hundreds of characters, making allies and enemies along the way.

The developer is currently looking for beta testers for the game, and if all goes well, it could be released later this month. Stay tuned for more updates on!