Rolando was always a great series. Its first title, which dated back in 2008 and was developed by the amazing ngmoco along with HandCircus, was amazingly successful and showed us how then-mobile games should be. The fact that it made perfect use of the then-revolutionary touchscreen of the iPhone, combined with its superb LocoRoco-styled graphics and great development, made it even more amazing of a game.

Rolando Map
Rolando 1 and 2 were among the best games on iOS back in the time.

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite well redefining the games on the mobile platform. Despite having a pretty successful sequel in 2009, since then, the series seemingly has seemingly vanished altogether. We rarely hear anything about it anymore, and all of the original games are also dead with the apocalypse of the 32-bit system on iOS, sadly.

However, 10 years of persistent anticipation seems to be coming to an end now, as the fans of Rolando are being super hyped with the release of an image featuring Rolando king from HandCircus, together with promises that more news about the series is coming soon.

Though having been dormant for a decade now, Rolando is still having love from its fans who are always feeling a nostalgic emotion while the name is mentioned, which makes sense given how highly-acclaimed it was back in the days. Nevertheless, HandCircus' Tweet has just opened up a whole new excitement and joy for the titles' most enthusiastic and loyal fans.
However, it is currently unclear whether HandCircus is having plans to release a totally new entry (maybe Rolando 3?) or remaster the 2 original titles or even release a new game that will not be featured on iOS. Whatever the result, it is time for Rolando to come back, hopefully.