You think a normal battle royale game you play every day is intense? Then just imagine how much fiercer the competition would be if all participants can earn hard cash based on how well they perform in the game. That is precisely what Chinese game developer NetEase has in mind for its hit battle royale game Rules of Survival.

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Officially released on November 17, 2017, Rules of Survival is certainly a very popular battle royale game. It has attracted over 230 million downloads and has topped the chart in 61 countries and regions after just one year of being in the market. Now, the game is celebrating its first birthday with several updates and unprecedented discounts. Furthermore, it is also bringing the party into the real world as well with the Ca$h’n Shoot Event. This is a competition in which players will fight on the battlefield for a chance of winning a cut of the $1,000,000 (Rs 70,435,000) prize pool.

The event takes place in Ghillie Island in the Asia server on mobile. Players can only participate in Solo Mode. With the latest version of Rules of Survival, players can enter weekly competitions, and at the end of every week, the 10,000 players who rank highest on the ranking board are awarded proportionally with a special currency called Gold Bullion. It is similar to in-game diamonds, but if a player manages to accumulate a certain amount of Gold Bullion, they can exchange it for real-life money.

Last August, the Southeast Asian Games Federation reportedly agreed to feature eSports in the 30th Southeast Asian Games, which will be held in the Philippines in late 2019. The 2024 Olympic Games is also looking to include eSports. Netease has never been shy in its efforts to promote the development of eSports with events such as the Rules of Survival Global Series, the World Championship Series, and several local competitions in various Southeast Asian cities. The company wants to bring eSports to the daily life of the mass population, and this Ca$h’n Shoot event is its latest attempt toward this goal.