PUBG Corporation recently announced to cut ties with Tencent Games and acquired its publishing rights of the PUBG Mobile title in India. Recently, the company was also said to be looking for a partner in India to exclusively publish and manage the game for the domestic market, but no reports mentioned an exact name. Now, rumor has it that PUBG Corporation and Jio might team up, but that only stays at rumor as we have no solid source backing it. 

Pubg Mobile Jio
PUBG Corporation is reportedly looking for an Indian partner as an attempt to bring PUBG Mobile back to India.

To recall, PUBG Mobile and 117 other China-based apps have recently been banned by the government of India because they were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defense of India and security of state and public order.”

Being one of the most popular games in India, the ban’s impact could easily be seen and many people are waiting for a response from PUBG Mobile’s developers. And PUBG Corporation didn’t fail Indian fans when they withdrew Tencent’s right to publish the game in India and regained full control.

Pubg Mobile Jio Partner
If PUBG Corporation is indeed in the lookout for an Indian partner, Jio is obviously among the top choices.

This move from PUBG Corporation might not be enough to make the Indian government change their mind, but it will certainly help resolve a few issues, especially user privacy. One thing we know for sure is that the company will try its best to lift the ban since India is one of its most important markets, accounting for 24 percent of the total downloads of PUBG Mobile. 

The partnership between PUBG Corporation and Jio has yet been confirmed. However, if the company is indeed looking for a partner in India, Jio should be one of the best options. With a massive fan base in India, PUBG Mobile is not an easy task for anyone and there aren’t a lot of big corporations in the country that can handle the amount of work in content moderation, publishing, developing, and also tournaments.