Having existed for almost 2 decades now, Runescape is regarded as one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time. Now, its mobile version is finally available for Android via Early Access. Unfortunately, iOS users will still have to contend with Old School RuneScape for a bit longer. In any case, check out the game’s trailer below:

RuneScape Mobile promises to deliver to its players the exact experience as the PC version, albeit with some adjustments to make it better fit the touch screens. The UI, for one, has seen a major overhaul, and the combat mechanics have also been tailored for mobile players.

Aside from these tweaks, though, you will still be able to access the same content as desktop players, from building a farm of your own to taking on challenging bosses. The expansive skill system is also present here too, bringing 27 different traits to master including cooking, fishing, and less mundane things such as divination. The mobile version even supports cross-platform play, so you can transfer your progress from the PC version over here and vice versa.

RuneScape Mobile promises to deliver the same experience as its desktop counterpart

It’s worth noting that if you want to give this Early Access a try, you must have a Runescape membership. There are several membership types on offer on the game’s Google Play page right now, so you can head over there and pick one that suits you. Additionally, your device must be running on Android 6.0 or a later version, but that shouldn’t be a problem for modern phones these days.

If you participate in this Early Access, you’ll receive the Mobile Founder's Pack for free. This will grant you several exclusive rewards including the Radiant Dawn Armour, the Steel Panther Combat pet, and a unique rest animation.

Runescape Mobile
The UI has been adjusted to better fit the touch screen

RuneScape Mobile’s Early Access is now up on Google Play with an iOS version expected to arrive in the future.