The App Store is home to TONS of racing games. Unfortunately, when it comes to a specific genre: rally racing games, we don’t have a whole lot of options, and the ones we do have are just mere “Oks”. Still, back in 2016, developer Brownmonster created an exception for this when they released Rush Rally 2, which is hands-down the best rally racing game available on the App Store. It featured a huge amount of content, several game modes for players to enjoy, a large collection of vehicles and tracks, and was simply a stunning experience overall.

The most important thing about Rush Rally 2, though, is that it absolutely nailed the physic mechanics. It perfectly blends simulation and arcade to create a game that is highly approachable, yet at the same time not too unrealistic.

In October 2018, Brownmonster announced that it was working on a new addition to the Rush Rally series, which was on beta test at the time. Now, it has been confirmed that Rush Rally 3 is finally coming on March 29th. Check out some new screenshots below:

Rally Rush 1

Rally Rush 2

Rally Rush 3

According to Brownmonster, the beta went incredibly well, and in fact it resulted in so many cool new ideas that the game ended up getting pushed back (it was intended to launch during the Christmas holidays) so that the developer had time to implement everything. If you have played Rush Rally 2, you’ll probably remember that it was extremely well-supported, with new updates constantly coming to add more amazing features. The upcoming release will have all of that right from the get-go and will feature many modes: Career, Single Rally, Rally Cross, and online multiplayer.

Additionally, there are also over 70 new stages with different driving surfaces that you have to take into consideration as that will have a large impact on your vehicle. Tons of upgrade and customization options are available as well. Basically, it is Rush Rally 2, but bigger and better in every way. What is there not to like? A new trailer is expected to arrive next week, and also, don’t forget to look forward to the official launch of Rush Rally 3 on the App Store later this month!