Well-known developer Supercell has recently announced that it is working on a new strategy mobile game titled Rush Wars, which is getting released into beta on both Android and iOS today.

The announcement first surfaced last Friday, and while details are still scant at the moment, it has sparked lots of interest among the community since then, which in turn has led to a couple of interesting discoveries.

An early 'leak' popped up on Reddit as several users began sharing what was believed to be the official description of the game  - reportedly found in the debut countdown trailer before getting removed. A few screenshots were also shared, based on which we can speculate that the gameplay might be a hybrid between Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. Players will pick from a collection of available characters to put together a squad and compete against one another.

Rush Wars
The game seems to be a hybrid between Clash Royale and Brawl Stars

The ultimate purpose of each raid seems to be gold - which can presumably be spent to upgrade your units just like in Clash Royale. Moreover, it sounds as though the game will add new units called commanders, which will grant players new skills.

According to the latest update from Supercell, which was made just about an hour ago, a beta version of Rush Wars is currently available in certain regions including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, allowing players who live there to give it a try. A trailer is revealed alongside the announcement as well, you can check it out right below:

Not only that, but a YouTuber by the name of Chief Pat has also shared a 13-minute gameplay footage of Rush Wars, giving us a visual demonstration of what the game is like in action. Watch it here:

As of the moment, there is not a lot of information on the exact release date and the monetization model of Rush Wars. Judging from Supercell’s previous works, though, we can expect it to be a free-to-play game with IAPs. Stay tuned for more update in the future!