Rush Wars – the latest offering from acclaimed developer Supercell, the same developer behind the massively popular Clash of Clans, has soft-launched in certain regions around the globe. If you’ve been following our previous coverage, you should be able to have it on your device already regardless of where you live. So what’s the next step? Why, try to improve your knowledge about the game get 5 stars on every stage you play through, of course. This time, we’ll be providing some beginner’s tips that will definitely go a long way in helping you achieve that goal.

Rush Wars Cover 702x336
Rush Wars has now soft-launched in certain regions

Before we get started, let’s go over the basics: Each stage has 3 bases that you must destroy, and you’ll have access to a variety of unique units that have different abilities and are effective at different ranges. Choosing the right units and positioning them in the appropriate places will be the key to victory. More details are included below.

Everyone's different

Naturally, as with any other strategy game, understanding how your units work and when to implement them to make the most out of what they have to offer will be the main deciding factor in a battle. As a result, when you first obtain a unit, don’t hesitate to just use them in a couple of games to see what their attacks are like, whether they employ simple bullets or other explosive weapons, what range they are most effective from, etc.

Here are some gameplay footages of all the units that are currently available in the game

Once you’ve got an idea of how they function, it’s time to start thinking about how to arrange them and construct your assault. Of course, enemies come in a great variety of shapes and forms as well, so you should also know what they do in order to come up with an effective counter-strategy. But that’s too broad of a topic to tackle right now, so for now, let’s just focus on some general tips.

Shields in the front

The shield soldiers are valiant guys who will gladly throw themselves in harm’s way to take one for the team. They are able to withstand a couple of hits before dropping their shields, at which point their (relatively small) health bar is exposed, leaving them vulnerable to be taken down.

Rush Wars Shield
Shield units act as a great distraction, so it's best to put them in the front!

Essentially, they make for an amazing distraction, opening up room for your more powerful units to chip away at the enemy bases.

Two paths to take

Quite often you’ll come across stages that have 2 paths for you to tackle, meaning your forces will be split. This is the region you should keep your team varied, as that allows you to handle several challenges.

Rush Wars 2 Paths
Sometimes the map will have 2 paths to tackle

A general rule is to go for the less defended path first. You’ll want to keep just enough units here so that they can take care of themselves, then funnel the remaining troops down the other path. Hopefully, they will be able to overcome any large enemies on the way. Although clumping all units together might sound like a good idea as that allows for more focused damage output, doing so also means explosives will hit them all at the same time, so don’t do that.

Red barrel explosions

Red barrels can be used to create an explosive chain reaction to damage enemies. Although most of the time they won’t be able to completely go through the defense of the enemy, they provide a small damage bonus that will make your life much easier.

Rush Wars Barrels
Red barrels can be used to trigger a chain explosion

You can drop certain airdrops on the battlefield too, which is usually a great way to eliminate any grouped enemies before you even get close to them. Just make sure to avoid pushing your units down a hallway with barrels that defensive units can detonate. As you can probably imagine, it won’t end well for you.