Nowadays, a brand new game design has become somewhat of a rare sight. It seems that the majority of mobile game developers are going with the conventional trend, with just some minor tweaks to gameplay or control to make their games different from others.

There is a company that dares to go against this trend though. With its new, unique game Save Blaza, game developer Subtlabs seeks to really stand out from the rest of the pack.

Save Blaza Trailer

In term of story, the game revolves around Blaza. He is a dog from outer space on a mission of discovery. Unfortunately for him, as he was wandering through endless space, his spaceship was hit by an unidentified object and crashed on the green planet that we, the human species, call home.

There is still hope for Blaza though. His spaceship left behind a trail of snacks as it went down, and now Blaza just has to follow this trail in order to get home, just like Hansel and Gretel in the stories. The task of the player is to help Blaza navigate through space, avoid the deadly debris and follow the snacks.

Navigate through space to get Blaza home

There are a total of 10 stages in Save Blaza. By the time you complete them all, you will find out who sabotaged the spaceship, and why.

So what is so special about Save Blaza, you ask? Well, rather than challenging your skills, as most games do, this game is a test for your endurance. Developer Subtlabs claims that it is the first mobile “endurance game” in the world.

Subtlabs even has a unique formula to explain its intention. According to the company, (Time x Focus) + Reward = Game Satisfaction. This means if you spend a lot of time and concentration on something, and you achieve a reward at the end, you will be very satisfied. This concept is fairly similar to the idea of some games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls. Rest easy, though, since Save Blaza is nowhere near as difficult as Fromsoftware’s infamous titles. Like the formula suggests, all it demands from you is time and focus, not skill.

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A test of endurance, not skill

If you think you are up for the challenge, you can get Save Blaza on App Store for iOS devices right now.