One of the most notable news is the recruitment of Sc0ut. It happened right after MortaL’s announcement of taking a break from PUBG Mobile competitive scene – sc0ut announced his joining of team SouL’s roster, which will take place after PMSC 2019.

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Tanmay Singh a.k.a Sc0ut

This transfer has raised many questions, however, sc0ut has provided answers in one of his later interviews.

Firstly, Sc0ut said that his decision of joining team SouL’s roster for the PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 was made with both teams’ consent. The top 2 teams of PUBG Mobile India, Team SouL, and TeamIND has made a joined agreement after taking an assessment of both teams’ situation. This temporary move of Tanmay Singh a.k.a sc0ut will just be for the duration of this tournament – they will analyze for further actions after PMIT 2019 with regards of the future.

Indian Pubg Mobile Team To Represent India Berlin1
Team SouL's previous roster has been very successful

Furthermore, about who would be the in-game leader for the team, sc0ut mentioned that SouL Owais would stay as the primary decision-maker of the team. SouL Ronak and Viper will relay their suggestions to sc0ut so that he could filter it for Owais. Which means sc0ut would be in the same role as MortaL was.

Sc0ut is also aware of his temper – he has promised to work on that when playing with team SouL. It is expected that he would stay calm and collected.

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The previous TeamIND roster

The roster of team IND currently has three members: Kratos, Trance and Daljit. Additionally, Trance is also unsure about his participant in PMIT – there will be more information available soon.

About the strategies prepared by Team SouL for PMIT 2019, sc0ut mentioned that the new roster will gain TeamIND’s aggressive playstyle to use in tandem with Team SouL’s traditional calculating moves – they would be more dangerous than ever. Their playstyle will now resemble X-Quest F, another PUBG Mobile Pro Team from China.