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Serious Scramblers is an upcoming fall-down game

Chin Young Kian is one of the three co-founders of Rotten Mage – a local game company in Singapore. Recently, he started his own project by developing a mobile app, Serious Scramblers, based on the legend Nokia game Rapid Roll.

The inspiration behind his creation is Rapid Roll, a game that he used to play on his Nokia. The game was supposed to be launched in May, but in fact, it is still going through tests and revisions on both iOS and Android as Young Kian started to add more features after receiving the comments. He invested heavily on the theme songs, PR campaign, icon artwork, which was totally self-funded.

Serious Scramblers Gameplay

Twenty-year-old Kian started developing Serious Scramblers in 2017 and spent over 500 hours on completing his game. Last spring, it entered open beta on Android. On November 14th, the game will be launched officially. The tactic of the game is described to be quite easy but addictive: it is a kind of “fall down” game where the characters enter a pit that moves upwards, and they have to manage to survive by falling down while avoiding the obstacles.

However, if things are as simple as running and avoiding, this game would not be “an intense mobile game” as Kian described. At the bottom, the final boss is revealed to be a giant centipede. To finish the game, players will have to beat this massive monster. The message here is the fight of good versus evil.

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The final boss: A giant centipede

Despite the retro theme, the graphics of this game is, indeed, fresh and modernized, with the scanline effect and great pixel art. The developers spent huge effort to build up many characters that you can choose from with different skills. It absolutely takes up all my attention, and hopefully yours too. You can wait for its launch next week, or even pre-order it in App Store for now.