The different sequel

The first Seven Knights of Netmarble was a "top climbing" 2D turn-based  RPG with adorable characters for mobile. Meanwhile, Seven Knights 2 is very different than the first one in many ways. It was in October, that we got the first new about the game and in G-Star 2018,  at last, we got to have a look at the game's demo. So let's check below for the gameplay video and our impressions of Seven Knights 2!

New game

From the demo of Seven Knights 2, it will be a 3D RPG game with 19 characters that you could choose to play. These characters could be categorized into different classes.  such as magical/ physical class and melee/ ranged class. The cutscenes are very beautiful with voiceovers in Korean (to fully enjoy it, you should watch it on a 2k screen smartphone). From the demo, it's apparent that you could see other players on the map in real-time.

Seven Knights 2 A Different Games First Impression

For the control scheme, you will have a left joystick for movement. Meanwhile, on the right side, there will be dedicated buttons for attacking, talking and skills using. You have auto-battle and auto-quest but, you must still use skills manually.

Seven Knights 2 A Different Games First Impression

You will have to choose 4 characters from the character pool to participate in a battle. In combat, to switch to different characters you just need to touch their icon on the top of the screen. Every attack will charge the ultimate skill gauge, and when it is full, you can release a devastating ability. On the top right corner of the screen, you will have a mini-map which shows enemies as red dots.

Seven Knights 2 A Different Games First Impression

To support the 3D gameplay, you will be able to switch between 3 camera views and many cameras angles at any moment in the game. There is a wide variety of quest types from what we have seen so far, from fighting mobs and killing bosses to gathering herbs and other chores.

As of now, we will still have to wait to hear more from Netmarble about the launch schedule of the game.