Mi-Clos is a famous French game company and father of great games like Out There and Void of Meddle. More than a year ago they unveiled their new game project Sigma Theory: Global Cold War. The game was expected to be released last year but due to development difficulties, it was pushed to be launched this year.

Sigma Theory's gameplay

See this trailer to know more about the game:

Sigma Theory is set in the future Earth, where scientists have made a major breakthrough in technology. Named "Sigma Theory", this invention has the potential to dramatically change the development of the world. Players will play the role of the president of a mysterious corporation with the mission of dominating the world in every possible way.

Sigma Theory From Mi Clos Will It Go To Mobile And
When spy is no longer on the good side.

"Every possible way" in this case is not only about armed power but also the ability to utilize the power of the Sigma Theory. To carry out that noble task, you will have to set up a platoon by choosing the best members from more than 50 task forces and training them to become top experts through activities practicality on the battlefield.

In Sigma Theory, players also have the opportunity to "fool" the opponent with summit meetings, where you can betray them as you like if that fits your plan. Gamers will discover and use more than 30 technologies to change the world in their own malicious plan.

Sigma Theory From Mi Clos Will It Go To Mobile And
Worldwide operation

In the very short trailer above, the player can see Sigma Theory continuing to follow Mi-Clos's tradition of creating artistic game products. Most experts appreciate the unique idea of the game. The idea that you will not be the "savior" or "destroyer" of the world.

It will come to mobile and console

Another reason why this game draws so much attention is because it was inspired by several highly-acclaimed titles such as Plague Inc.,  XCOM. Many fans are looking forward to the PC release of the game which was confirmed by Mi-Clos Studio to be April 18. They also have confirmed a console and mobile for the game but only after the ships of the PC version.