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Skies of Chaos is a retro shoot em' up for iOS, Android

The gaming industry this week got quite busy when there are plenty of new games launched. However, for gamers who are looking for a new and modern way to entertain themselves, there is one game that is highly recommended. Skies of Chaos is the new star this week, a retro shoot ‘em up type of game. It is built only by 2 developers, but that does not mean that the game is poorly animated. The motif of the game is quite classic, yet no one should consider it boring. The players control the small airplane that fights against an evil empire.  The goal is to shoot down the obstacles that come up from virtually everywhere with the weapon that they choose. Throughout the game, players will also gain more coins, which could be used to upgrade their weapons.

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Destroy every obstacle!

An interesting fact behind this feature: the human-like characters from the cutscenes from strongly remind the audiences of the popular series Star Fox. The level of art in this game is expected to be higher than ever, as the pixel art animation in the trailer of Skies of Chaos is considered to be excellent.

It has been one month since the developers uploaded the open beta on the iOS system, and now they are also offering it to Android smartphones. The full version of the game is yet to be published, but from the demo version, players can image how the real game should be like and set their own expectations. The beta on both iOS and Android can be found easily on the official website of Skies of Chaos, and fans can even sign up to receive the latest news of the game. For updates and short clips, you can choose to follow them on Twitter or Instagram. Even though the official date to launch the game is yet to be announced, the demo version is certainly enough to keep fans waiting.