We have been following the development Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite Blitz, a tie-in to the popular MOBA Smite, ever since it was entering alpha test back in April. Then, towards the end of June, an Open Beta also became available. And now, it has finally been put up for pre-registration on both Google Play and the App Store, meaning it is very close to the finishing line.

Smite Blitz Trailer

In case you’ve missed our previous coverage of Smite Blitz, it is a tactical RPG set in the Smite universe in which you assemble a roster of Gods from a collection of 60 to challenge the campaign as well as other players.

The story begins in Egypt where evil forces have started to attack worshipers of the Gods. Your task, then, is to defeat these enemies in addition to defend towers and capture fugitives. The developer also promises a sidekick system with which you can enhance your formation, but specific details on how it works are not available at the moment.

Smite Blitz Ios Android Gameplay
Assemble a roster of Gods to participate in turn-based combat

As expected from an online game, Smite Blitz will include many multiplayer modes, including PvE raids in which you can team up with others to take on powerful bosses and obtain rare items and PvP Duels where you can go head to head against another player.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, then you can head over to the official pages of Smite Blitz on Google Play and the App Store to pre-register. If this pre-registration period reaches 1 million sign-ups, all participants will earn several rewards including gems and an exclusive deity. Also, if you are also a Smite player, you can link your account with the Blitz account for some additional bonuses as well.

Smiteblitz Ingamescreenshot 1 1920x1080 740x416
Take on powerful bosses to obtain rare items

A release date is still not set for Smite Blitz, but we’ll probably hear more in the next week or so. Stay tuned for more updates.