Snakebird is a great game that all puzzle lovers should check out. The puzzle-experience game actually appeared on PC first before coming to mobile devices, yet it has always been resembling a mobile game from the get-go. The game was released by Noumenon Games and while there are complains about its difficulty, the studio decided to fix that by releasing this more casual-friendly version titled Snakebird Primer for mobile devices.

Snakebird Primer Puzzle
Snakebird Primer is an easier version of the original Snakebird and it is also suitable for anyone older than 4 years old. That means the whole family can play and have fun in solving puzzles together.

Snakebird Primer has a total of more than 70 brand new puzzles designed specially to be able to suitable for anyone older than 4 years old. While attempting to ensure it is open for all, the developers used icons and symbols instead of text. The game was initially designed for children as an easier version of the original Snakebird only, but it turned out to be also suitable for parents to play with their kids. It will be interesting to see how Snakebird Primer is received by various different age groups.

If you are wondering how difficult this game is compared to Snakebird, a developer from Noumenon has an answer for it. He explains that it is possible that if you can surpass Snakebird's challenges then Snakebird Primer is too easy for you to play. Snakebird Primer is more for those who couldn't handle Snakebird and needed a restart or those who just don't want to mess with the difficulty of it. Also, the game is not linear progress so it will be easier to explore more puzzles without too much effort.

Snakebird Primer is expected to be released next Monday for iOS and Android including Apple TV and Android TV also.

Check out the game's announcement trailer: