Back in 2017, Qualcomm first launched its Snapdragon 660. This is the mid-range chip that was warmly welcomed by the whole world, which ends up in taking place in numerous of famous mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy A9, Asus ZenFone 4, and Nokia 7 Plus. In August this year, one year later from the first launch, the company proudly presents its second product. This new Snapdragon 660 is promised to improve the quality of AI and the whole performance in general. Now only a few months have passed and Qualcomm has speeded up with the launch the Snapdragon 675 at the company’s 4G/5G Summit held in Hong Kong. And you are wondering what the purpose of this new product is? Well, simple enough, it is a chipset made for mobile games.

Qualcomm 675
Snapdragon 675 comparing to Snapdragon 670.

Handsets which have the price from $300 to $500 are perfect for this new chip. This new chipset is equipped with an Adreno 612 GPU and Kryo CPU fourth version. It also has cores which can perform 2 different tasks, one is clocked at 2GHz and at 1.7GHz is six efficiency cores. According to information from the company, when using this chip, game launching will be 30 percent faster and the speed of music launches will be 20 percent more. The producers have also maximized the ability of Snapdragon 675 with the system-on-a-single- chip for a high rame rate performance, which is perfect for mobile gaming.

Snapdragon 675 is also said to have the ability of supporting 120Hz. This is a very impressive feature, but the producers need to test to see whether it is appropriate for a mid-range smartphone of not. But the work has not finished since the chip manufacturers are still cooperate with game engines, such as Unity and Unreal to make the 600-series chipsets more appropriate for mobile gaming.

The chip company is also working hard on improving the quality of its. Snapdragon 675 is said to have a 50 percent higher performance of AI thanks to the Hexagon 685 DSP, Adreno 612 GPU, and Kryo 460 CPU.

Moreover, the Qualcomm 675 also have a better camera. There is a Spectra 200 series image signal processor, which is a great help for the three cameras with the ability of upoptical zoom 5 times larger, real-time bokeh, huge angle shots, and 3D face unlock system. The chipset also has the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ and the X12 modem, which means downloading speed can increase up to 600Mbps.