CHUCHEL is a silly and cute adventure game which is wackily humorous. Particularly, in this game, you will be joining Chuchel along with his rival, who is called Kekel, on an important mission that is to save their beloved and precious… cherry? It may seem like a totally ordinary cherry, but they love it and it really matters to them. The two set out on a journey which has plenty of amusingly strange and surprising puzzles, alongside charming characters and, of course, a story worth remembering.

A lot of puzzles for you to solve

CHUCHEL's heavily stylized art style really reminds players of some of the old cartoons they used to watch as kids. In fact, this is actually not very surprising, considering that the game is developed by the same people behind several other unique and somewhat popular adventure games such as Machinarium, Botanicula, and Samorost.

Chuchel 02
Chuchel's precious cherry

Moreover, to those who have tried those game before and have got familiar with them, you will definitely figure out what you can expect in this game by now. CHUCHEL is packed with countless bite-sized puzzle situations. They are not very difficult, but still, they are not too easy either, which makes the game suitable for players at any given ages. During their adventure, Chuchel will meet a lot of friends who come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Each of them has their own unique perplexing conundrum.

Slide 02 Chuchel
Chuchel's friends come in all shapes and sizes

With its wacky sense of humor, a one of a kind soundtrack by the famous band DVA and a cute, silly art style, we can certainly say that CHUCHEL is going to be a game which most people cannot resist.

CHUCHEL is available to download on the Google Store and App Store for only 4.99 USD (350.52 INR).

Here's the game's trailer: