Nearly 20 years have passed since the first release of Pokémon Snap. It seems like we won't ever have a chance to play that game on PC. Luckily, there are still a few games that look familiar with our favorite childhood title.

Cute animals, both normal or being pixelated, always are the inspirations for game developers. Below are some appealing titles that allow you to take pictures of these adorable creatures, just like the old Pokémon Snap.


The name says it all. This is a paparazzi game where you have only one mission: to take pictures of puppies.

"Snap photos of dogs while maintaining your social media presence. Will you hound celebrities in public, or would you rather be taken seriously as an artist? Perhaps you just want to show your friends the cute dog you saw while you were out," from Pupperazzi's official description on its Steam page.

Despite being adorable overall, this game actually has a poor-designed visual. The puppies in Pupperazzi don't have real walking animations. They move or jump around like some wooden toys controlled by a mysterious force. You can get an album of literally anything these puppies do on the beach, such as skateboarding, sleeping, or even floating on the surface.

The official Steam page for Pupperazzi says that it will launch in 2019. No estimated date revealed.


Some people may think that birds are loud and mean. But with the pixel-inspired Toripon, these creatures of the sky look pretty adorable.

The game has nice cheery music and pastel colors. And just like other games, Toripon also features social media elements. Players can post cute moments of their birds to make their social network account more attractive to people. It looks like you can use both your in-game or real-life social media, but you will end up with more followers eventually, regardless of the platforms. The developer even makes its game more interesting by implying that the right pictures can unlock new birds along with hidden secrets.

The only thing we've known so far is Toripon is "coming soon". But how soon? Looks like it takes some time to figure that out.


This is the closest version of Pokémon Snap on this list. In Photoria, you will go through a path that crosses the forest. Taking pictures of animals is your top priority, and you will do that while riding a vehicle.

Like Snap, it seems that player can throw things towards the creatures in order to get a better shot while they're approaching. These things could be apples, or anything may draw their attention. You can see the wildlife animals in Photoria will appear as fantasy versions of crabs, deer, squirrels, and a gigantic rainbow bird.

The game looks like a small personal project due to its limited details only visible on the Twitter of the author.

The gaming industry is now full of shooting games, and it would be wonderful if we could get more of this shooting type: not with weapons, but with cameras.