Space-based mobile MMOs sound like an idea with lots of potentials, but so far we have only seen a few titles that actually manage to deliver. Developer MUST GAMES is striving to change that with their game Rogue Universe. It has actually been available in certain parts of the world for a while and is now set to launch globally in the first half of this year on both Google Play and the App Store.

Rogue Universe Trailer

The game seems like a massively ambitious project both in term of presentation and scale, with a vibrant comic-like atmosphere and an entire universe filled to the brim with tons of content. There are numerous missions that you can do to obtain rare loot and resources, which can then be used to build a powerful fleet.

Rogue Universe has 3 major factions that you can choose to affiliate yourself with: the Zurich Bank, the Black Flag, and U.N.S. Helping out any one of these three will improve your standing with its members, but will antagonize the other two. As such, any action you take might have consequences.

Rogue Universe 2

At the beginning of the game, you will only have a few ships at your command, but over time you can develop your fleet and turn it into a force to be reckoned with throughout the universe. That would take a fair deal of micromanagement, though, including tasks such as building new ships, reinforcing or customizing existing ones, assigning missions to crewmembers, and more.  Moreover, if you feel like you are strong enough, you can fight against other players in intense PvP battles.

Alternatively, if you’re not the competitive sort and just want to make friends, you can opt to join a guild or even create your own. This is one of the best ways to find someone to join forces with to hunt down rogue NPCs and earn rare loot.

Rogue Universe 1

Rogue Universe also has a single-player campaign called ‘Deep Strike’, in which you’ll follow a set story and fight your way through space to uncover the mysteries of the ‘Invaders’.

The game will be available globally on both Google Play and the App Store in the near future.