Way back in October 2016, Bugbyte, the name behind the real-time strategy game series Battlevoid, announced a new project called Space Haven, which caused a lot of excitement. Back then, only a few screenshots of the pre-alpha stage was available, but the game still looked incredibly promising. According to the developers, Space Haven draws inspirations from several big names like Faster Than Light, Rimworld, and the classic X-COM, and that alone is enough reason for people to be hyped about this one.

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Since then, there weren’t many updates regarding this new title, save a few images that pop up here and there. But now, Bugbyte is back with new information, new pictures, and even a new trailer of Space Haven. Check it out below:

Space Haven is going to be a spaceship colony building game, and from what we know so far, the story will be different every time you start a new game. The developers shared that they want to make a game in which players can laugh, wonder, and actually live the story alongside the characters. They also want to put a strong emphasis on replayability as well.

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As interesting as it sounds, it will still be a long time before we can get our hands on Space Haven. Right now, the development team is turning towards crowdfunding to get the game finished. They are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign early next year. Those who support this campaign will receive an early access version on PC, and Bugbyte will make adjustments to the game based on the feedback from these early testers. If all go well, hopefully we can see the final version of Space Haven on Steam in 2019, and then mobile after that. But it will be a long journey.

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If you are interested in supporting the game and getting involved in the beta, you can follow Bugbyte on their official website or social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On the other hand, if you just want to grab the final version when it is ready, stay tuned for more updates!