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Adorable characters in cartoon styles

Squids Odyssey is a tactical role-playing game, which is the combination of previous versions: Squids and Squids Wild West. The original Squids was first released in October 2011 for IOs devices and received positive responses from the gamer community. After 8 months, the sequel Squids Wild West which has the western America vibe was out and it was only playable on iPhone and IPad. The developer The Game Bakers then turned its attention to consoles by making a spin-off Squids Odyssey for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in 2014 and a version for Switch this July. Now it is finally available on IOs and Android. What a long journey!

Let’s watch the trailer to see how interesting the game is:

The release of Squids Odyssey on mobile is a good news to its fan because Squids and Squids Wild West seem not to be available on the latest IOS version. There is no update information for both versions until now.

Squids Odyssey is an RPG game which has a slingshotting mechanic like its predecessors. It still has the cartoon style art and funny plots. In this game, you need to build your own army to fight against evil to save their underwater kingdom. Strategy and skills are the crucial keys to winning battles. There will be a lot of missions and new items in the game that can take more time to finish.

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Funny but gorgeous graphic with details

If you are looking for a strategic game, why don’t you try Squids Odyssey? The success of the two previous versions is proof that this is a good purchase. It’s your chance to experience the old famous RPG franchise.

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Strategy and skills are the keys to winning

You can now get Squids Odyssey for $3.99 on the Google Play Store and the App Store with no purchase in-app.