It's absolutely not easy to master your gameplay in Free Fire, especially when you play the game on a smartphone. The tips below will show you the basic things you need to do during a match in Free Fire. 

Always react to the sound 

You will hear sounds when there are enemies moving near you, so follow those sounds to find and take them down. Also, you should constantly check the mini-map as it shows where the shooting sound comes from. 

Free Fire Enemy

Control the battlefield all the time 

Stay alive as long as you can and take down as many opponents as you can. 

Remember about the ever-decreasing area of the battle 

Keep checking your position on the map to make sure you’re inside the safe area.

The landing place on the map is the key

Before landing, look around to determine how many opponents you may encounter. If you feel threatened, you can head to other landing spots. It also depends on what gears you can find at the beginning of the match to defend yourself. 

Free Fire Landing

Avoid red/orange zones 

There will be a rain of bombs in the red zone, so you better find a building instead of staying outside to avoid being damaged to death. The orange zone is the operating area of the UAV recon drone, so your position will be exposed to other players if you step inside. 

Use your inventory properly

Sniper rifles are for long-range shooting, while SMGs or shotguns are for short-range, so choose your positions wisely to be the one who controls the battle. 

Use grenades 

They are especially effective when thrown into buildings to lure enemies out or when the safe zone is significantly narrowed at the end of the match. 

Grenade Free Fire

Aim for headshots 

It helps you take down enemies faster. 

Be vigilant when cleaning buildings 

Stay away from windows or doors in buildings to stay out of enemies’ sight. 

Explore the building’s layout before hiding in there

Define how many doors and windows are there that enemies can use to invade.

If you need a vehicle, look for the blue pickup truck 

That truck will protect you from enemies that use automatic aiming. 

Free Fire Vehicle