Marvel - the legendary comic book studio and one of the most famous mobile developers - Nexon have teamed up to give their fan a whole new experience to the Marvel universe. Their new game called Marvel Battle Lines will feature hundreds of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. This can be a really good news for Marvel fan as they now have another opportunity to experience the heroes they love in a game. Marvel provides its fans who join the New York Comic Con with opportunities to experience the game during the convention from October 4 to 7. And If you are able to play the game's demo. you will be rewarded a MARVEL Battle Lines New York Comic Con pin.


Marvel Battle Lines features an innovative way to the card battle type of game through its dynamic 3x4 game board. Players will be able to collect and build the decks of Super Heroes and Super Villains from many fan-favorite Marvel characters such as Squirrel Girl, Iron Man, Black Panther, and many more.

The game, which features a single player campaign with a story originally crafted by Alex Irvine - a Marvel writer, will focus on ‘Cosmic Cube’ - an all-powerful relic. The Cosmic Cube is shattered in the middle of a struggle and throw the entire universe of Marvel into chaos. Help the heroes and villains to rebuild Marvel universe by recovering the shards of the powerful Cube.

Players can enjoy single player missions where they will be able to fight to rebuild the universe or they can also battle other players on the real-time turn-based competitive PvP matches.

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Marvel Battle Lines will be available on October 24, and people who are interested can pre-register at to receive amazing rewards which are 5,000 in-game gold along with an exclusive Doctor Strange Super Hero card.