Game companies Activision and Elex are reportedly testing a new Call of Duty game on Android in certain countries. Titled Call of Duty: Global Operations, this game is described as the next tactical MMO PvP game. For those who don’t know, Elex is a Chinese mobile game developer best known for its game Clash of Kings.

Unlike another Call of Duty mobile game developed by Tencent, which is a shooter game, Global Operations is a strategy title. According to Elex, it is currently in beta testing. Some footages of the game are already available. You can see it below.

In term of story, the game is set in a hypothetical world where a highly toxic element called Nuclium NM (72) was just discovered. Many governments and private operators are fighting for control over the limited supply of Nuclium in order to weaponize it, which puts the world in chaos. The evilest of the contenders is the malicious corporation GLOBUS, which wants to use Nuclium to dominate the entire world. Now, it is up to the player to stop it.

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Build your own military base to stop the evil corporation from conquering the world

From the gameplay video, it can be seen that the graphics of Call of Duty: Global Operations are a lot better compared to previous Call of Duty games on mobile. It seems like the game lets you participate in real-time MMO battles using various weapons and vehicles. Furthermore, you can recruit many notable figures from other Call of Duty games such as Captain Price, Soap, and Ghost to act as the commander of your army. Each commander has his own strengths, and you can upgrade skills and assign troops to take advantage of those strengths. Your base is fully customizable as well. You can choose to play the single-player campaign, or with other players in co-op or PvP modes.

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Recruit many Call of Duty characters to be your commanders

Before Global Operations, there was another sci-fi strategy Call of Duty game titled Call of Duty: Siege. This title was soft-launched in October 2016 but was later canceled. Now, if this upcoming game from Elex could avoid the same fate, it could potentially be huge. Right now, though, there is no indication that the game will get a global release.