Supremacy 1 - The Great War is a new addition to the popular strategy MMO series from developer Bytro.  It is scheduled to launch next month on "mobile devices" – presumably both Android and iOS.

The game allegedly expands upon the formula established by Supremacy 1914, Call of War, and Conflict of Nations, adding several innovative ideas to the familiar and well-loved gameplay of its predecessors. No official trailer for this upcoming release is available just yet, so check out a gameplay footage of Supremacy 1914 below to get an idea of what you're in for:

In this game, you’ll become the leader of a powerful nation during one of the most perilous periods in the history of Europe. With this being a strategy MMO, you and all other players in the match will be put in a ruthless power struggle against one another. Whether you want to take a more diplomatic approach or beat everyone else into submission with an iron fist is completely up to you. That said, all of your choices will have widespread consequences, so think carefully before making them.

Supremacy 1 The Great War Artwork Zepplin
You can take a diplomatic approach, or just opt for all-out war

The setting brings you back to World War I, one of the darkest hours of mankind, with all the battlefields, weapons, and units recreated in an extremely realistic way. Similar to other games from Bytro, Supremacy 1 - The Great War provides a hardcore strategy experience with plenty of mechanics that you must master. For example, combat will take place on several different terrains, so knowing how to strategically deploy each unit type will be crucial if you want to achieve victory.

Supremacy 1 - The Great War
Strategically deploying your units will be crucial if you want to achieve victory

For more information on the features and release date of Supremacy 1, check out Bytro’s official site. Massive global-scale conflicts and the ability to take multiple approaches sounds like great fun, so this is a title we’ll be keeping an eye out for. Stay tuned for more updates!