Mega Miracle Force is a new Strategy-RPG game from developer Idea Factory. It is expected to come out in January 2019 on Android and iOS in Japan. The game’s official website has just opened, and pre-registration is now available.

Mega Miracle Force is a project to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Idea Factory. This will be an all-star game that features familiar characters from many other titles of Idea Factory and its subsidiary Compile Heart, such as Neptunia, Generations of Chaos, Spectral Force, Fairy Fencer F, Omega Quintet, Genkai Tokki, Trillion: God of Destruction, Death end re;Quest, Tokyo Clanpool, and more. Of course, there will be several brand new characters as well.

Not only that, the game brings a Miracle system, which will active when 2 characters from different games/series meet each other. When that happens, these two can fuse together to form a new character.

Several characters will make an appearance

Similar to many mobile games, some characters can only be obtained through a gacha system. Each character has a set rarity, but all can be upgraded through certain means to get the highest rarity level in the game. More characters are also promised to come in future updates.

In term of gameplay, Mega Miracle Force is a turn-based strategy-RPG in which the player will control a party of multiple characters. Battles will take place on a 7x5 map where the speed of each character will determine how many squares they can move each turn, similar to Heroes of Might & Magic. Of course, each character will have different abilities. Furthermore, there is a ‘Link Card’ system, which features several cards with images from other games. Players can equip these cards to the characters to increase their stats, or give them special abilities.

Some battle scenes from the game

Right now, Mega Miracle Force is scheduled to release in January 2019 in Japan, but there is no word of a global version yet.