One of the most famous MOBA titles League of Legends is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Riot Games has just had a huge livestream earlier today to announce tons of new projects of this game developer. Now we know that gamers in our country don’t play League of Legends often, but these new games from Riot Games will focus on the mobile platform, and all of those games look to be free to play. So let’s take a look and see what those new LoL-themed games are, and what else does Riot Games have to offer.

League of Legends coming to Mobile and Consoles with the name Wild Rift

This famous MOBA title will have its own version for the mobile and console platform called Wild Rift. This is actually a separated title from League of Legends (just like PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile). Wild Rift is still a 5v5 MOBA title with the same champions and skills with League of Legends on PC, but the gameplay will be simplified so that gamers can easily control their champions with the control system of the mobile and console platform. As the game is simplified, each match will last about 15 to 20 minutes only.

League Of Legends Wild Rift Announcement Screensho
Wild Rift does look like League of Legends for PC

From now, you can start to register for the open beta of this game. Wild Rift will be officially released for China in early 2020, and the global version of this game will be released a few months later.

Teamfight Tactics will be on Mobile too

Alongside with the LoL-themed MOBA title Wild Rift for the mobile platform, the auto battler game of LoL - Teamfight Tactics – will be coming to the mobile platform as well. This game will also be officially available in Q1 2020. We all know that the auto battler game of Dota 2 – Dota Underlords – supports cross-platform gameplay, but Teamfight Tactics gamers will have to wait for some months until Riot Games release the cross-platform gameplay for Teamfight Tactics.

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The auto battler title of LoL is coming to the mobile platform too

Announcing League of Legends Hero Shooter, called Project A

This game is still in the development process, so it is given the codename Project A. This will be a tactical FPS title with the League of Legends champions. This game will not be a spin-off title of League of Legends, it just takes the champions of the MOBA game and put it to a competitive shooting title for PC. This game does make us feel like Overwatch, but we hope that it can be better and cheaper than Blizzard’s title.

Riot Game Announce 03
Being able to fling a knife at your opponent is a pretty cool stuff

Riot Games’ Fighting Game, called Project L

This is actually the oldest-rumored project of Riot Games, but until now, this game developer confirms this project. Although this game is still in early development, it is confirmed to be an LoL-themed title. There has not been any other news about this title, but it does have a bright future, given how well-polished the graphics of League of Legends is.

Legends of Runeterra Is The New LoL-themed Free to Play Card Game

Legends of Runeterra (or LoR) is the new card game from Riot Games. It will be in the same universe with League of Legends (unlike Project A). Legends of Runeterra will feature iconic champions from League of Legends, as well as other characters that have not had chances to show up in the MOBA title. This game will be completely free to play, but you still can drop some real money into Legends of Runeterra.

Screenshot 12
Legends of Runeterra does look to be a promising card game

Announcing League of Legends Animated Series called ‘Arcane’

Riot Games has been releasing many animated cinematic videos and animated music videos for years, and all of those videos are successful. So many LoL fans have been waiting for this announcement of these game developers. In the announcement, Riot Games confirmed that Arcane would take Piltover and Zaun as the two first background cities of this first animated series. This series will be released in 2020, and there will be more animated series from Riot Games if Arcane is successful.


League of Legends Esports Manager. Yes, it is a totally new game from Riot Games

We have been playing sports management simulating games for many years, so why not an esports-management simulating game. Riot Games seemingly want to be the first gaming company to catch the new trend, so they have just announced the League of Legends Esports Manager, a simulating game about LoL esports. Players of this game will work to build their own LoL pro teams by acquiring pro players for their teams.

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League of Legends Esports Manager

This game will receive update patches regularly, and Riot Games also announced a plan to share the revenue of this game for pro teams and pro players. This is an excellent way to encourage pro teams and players of LoL to develop themselves further.

League of Legends Origins Is a Feature-length Documentary Series About LoL

We have been bringing you news and information about the future projects of Riot Games, how about something that this game developer has already released? In this tenth anniversary of League of Legends, Riot Games has hired Leslie Iwerks – a documentary filmmaker with Academy Award nomination – to make League of Legends Origins. This is a documentary film telling us about the 10-year journey of League of Legends from a free MOBA game to a giant in the gaming industry.

League of Legends Origins
League of Legends Origins

This movie is available now on Netflix.

Last but not least, Preseason updates for League of Legends

League of Legends is having its 9th World Championship – the biggest LoL esports tournament of the year. Normally, this is the time for Riot Games to roll out big changes before a new season of the game – the preseason update. This year, the preseason update will be named Rise of the Elements. As the name has pointed out, the focus of this year's preseason update will be the Elemental Drakes of the game.

One more thing, League of Legends players will be welcoming a totally new champion of the game – Senna. Now having new champions is not a strange thing for LoL players, but this will be the first “marksman-like support” of this MOBA title. We will have to wait and see what her skills are specifically.