People on the internet nowadays have a saying: "Everythings are better with cats". So what if we put cats in a battle arena game? The answer is Super Cats, a super fun battle arena with cats as the main characters.

Super Cats is a product of Happy Universe Studio, features fast-paced battles between players. The game went by really fast, just 3 minutes around at most. The duration fits nicely with mobile games, where people can just pick up the phone and enjoy some fast games for fun. There are 3 gameplay modes in Super Cats: Bounty, Gemcraft, and Battle Royale. Bounty mode is a classic 3v3 mode, with the goal of eliminating the opponent. Gemcraft is score-based, with teams competing to collect the most gem in around. And Battle Royale mode, a trending game mode at the moment where you try to be the last one standing in the field.

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Even though Super Cats features cats, none of the characters have nine lives like the legends say. You only live once (per round), and one mistake can cost you the win. That is Happy Universe's idea of making a fun, yet competitive game for all kinds of people to enjoy.

You can see some footages of Super Cats here:

The game - as some people might say - have a lot of resemblance with Supercell's Brawl Stars, another shooting battle arena that is still in the soft-launch phase. So what is better from Battle Cats? The first is, well, it's a game filled with cats. And one thing even better, that is Super Cats already near the end of the early access phase, with an official release date, too.

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Currently, there are 17 different unlockable cats for players to try, with their own weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. There are also a lot of skins for the cats, all of which are unlockable through plays. Of course, if you got too lazy to grind, then you can pay to unlock them earlier, through an IAP system.

Super Cats is available on iOS and Android, starting from October 25th. Although, you can try the early access version of the game on the Google Play Store right now.