The mobile platform App Store is home to many ports of various PC and console games, and now it is going to get a new one: Bendy and the Ink Machine from developer Joey Drew Studios. This survival horror title was officially released on October 27 on Steam before being ported to all consoles, including Nintendo’s Switch, last month. And now, the game is finally making its way to mobile, and will be available on both Android and iOS.

Watch the trailer for Bendy and the Ink Machine mobile version below:

The game follows the story of Henry Stein, a former employee of Joey Drew Studios. Receiving an invitation from his former employer Joey Drew, Stein returns to his old studio after three decades only to find it unoccupied and the titular Ink Machine damaged. While attempting to repair it, he found an old tape suggesting that Drew was involved in some occult practices while creating the Machine. Upon successfully fixing it, Stein is suddenly assaulted by a monster that bears some striking resemblance to Bendy, the studio's mascot. Immediately he makes a run for his life, as ink quickly floods the entire building. Yet right when he manages to get to the exit, the floor underneath his feet collapses, sending him into the room below. Now, Stein has to find another way to escape.

The gameplay involves several aspects: puzzle solving, exploring, and combat. You will control Stein from a first-person perspective, and there are only a limited number of actions that you can perform, such as running or jumping. Throughout the game, there are many items that you can collect. Some of them are essential in order to complete various tasks and progress with the story, while others will be useful in different situations.

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Combat for the most part is as simple as finding a melee weapon, such as a pipe or an axe, and swing it around. There are multiple types of enemies, each with different strength levels and toughness. Stein is no warrior, so you will have to calculate very carefully before engaging an opponent. Luckily, there are Little Miracle Stations scattered throughout the game, where Stein can take shelter to hide from enemies and recover.

The mobile version of Bendy and the Ink Machine launches on December 21, and it will be available on both Google Play and the App Store.