Walk-to-earn platform Sweat Economy announced the launch of its long-awaited NFT gaming title, Sweat Hero, this Wednesday. The innovative NFT game brings novel development and immersive experiences to move-to-earn platforms, allowing users to work out while having fun, competing, and engaging with other community members.

Sweet Hero

Sweat Hero is built on Sweat Wallet’s mobile application and boasts as the first-ever M2E platform game created based on sustainable tokenomics. The game blends into Sweat Economy’s ecosystem, providing new utilities for the $SWEAT token as players join the platform. The game pivots from the traditional NFT games that offer a pay-to-play model into a new free-to-play model, providing an open platform for anyone to earn $SWEAT tokens without any initial costs. 

Speaking at the launch of Sweat Hero, Oleg  Fomenko, Co-founder of Sweat Economy, believes the game is a “ true innovation in the NFT and M2E gaming space” and will enhance the adoption of Sweat Wallet. 

"We're leaving behind the times of scarcity in the NFT space and breaking the old standard of 'pay to play' in the M2E gaming space,” Oleg said during the launch of Sweat Hero. 

How to play Sweat Hero NFT Game

To start the game, every SWEAT Wallet user will be given a free ‘Legs NFT’ and a free $SWEAT token once they complete the game's tutorial.  The $SWEAT token can then be used to buy 1,000 Battle Coins (the in-game token) as the minimum wager required to battle. The battles involve users competing in physical activities such as walking, with the winner rewarded from the winner’s pot. 

Each player’s score in a game is determined based on the player’s NFT Power and how good the player is in the battle. For instance, if the NFT power is 35, a perfect tap will score 35 points, while a good tap will score lower than 35 and missed taps score no points. By the end of the battle, the player with the highest score is declared the winner. The players can use their ‘Energy Points’ to extend their final score, after which they submit their wager and send the battle to a friend. 

The winner receives 80% of the wager, with 20% paid as the Battle fee. The wager is paid in Battle Coins and players can convert them into $SWEAT tokens at a rate of 10,000 Battle Coins for 10 $SWEAT tokens. Once converted, the Battle fee is transferred to SWEAT’s ‘token sink’, which acts as a burn address, reducing the overall circulating supply of $SWEAT tokens in the market. The tokenomics behind the game aims to enhance the sustainability of the game’s ecosystem, allowing it to thrive even as more people join the game. 

“With Sweat Hero, millions of people can engage with free NFTs, and the more players we have, the more $SWEAT goes into the token sink, making token economics sustainable," Fomenko added. “"We're not just creating a game; we're creating a community and a sustainable model for the M2E gaming space."

A unique approach to enhancing Move-To-Earn Platforms

Unlike other NFT games or M2E platforms, Sweat Hero allows any player to join the game and start earning without any initial costs. The platform offers a free NFT at the start of the game, kicking off your Battle charge. 

Sweat Hero's impact extends beyond the gaming space. The battles involve friends and communities competing against each other as they walk or complete their physical exercises. The gamification of Sweat Hero aims to motivate users to walk more,  creating a daily habit and driving engagement through the function to battle with friends. 

It encourages physical activity, as the more a player walks, the more they can boost their NFT Power, giving them an in-game advantage. This sets it apart from its competitors in the M2E market, as millions of current Sweat App users can start playing and engaging with NFTs,  which are minted on-chain as they level up. 

Additionally, as players convert their Battle Coins into $SWEAT tokens, the supply of idle tokens in the market reduces, as 20% of the wager is sent to the token sink. This marges physical activity with sustainable tokenomics, keeping the game and SWEAT’s ecosystem running, even as more people play and earn tokens. 

More developments to come 

Sweat Hero is currently in the beta phase. The development team stated plans to bring new innovations and upgrades to the platform as the year wears on. First, Sweat Economy will introduce seven Arenas that players can level up into to secure a higher earning potential. 

Later in the year, Sweat Hero will also release the dynamic NFT evolvement framework, which will reward users based on their gameplay progression, daily physical activities, and engagement within the Sweat Wallet app.